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“Bring me men to match my mountains: Bring me men to match my plains: Men with empires in their purpose and new eras in their brains.”

Sam Walter Foss


Here is a list of IARC team members. Short bio of team members will be uploaded soon.


Pushkar Ganesh Vaidya is a scientist and heads IARC. His interests span various aspects of astrobiology.

Sandeep Warrier is a physicist. His major research interest is Gamma Ray Bursts (GRBs).

Dr. Kayzad Nilgiriwala is a biologist. His major area of research is microbiology.

Manan Desai is a biologist. His major area of research is biochemistry.

Dr. Yogesh Dound is involved in clinical & basic research. His major research interest is space physiology.

Nitesh Pandey is a pharmacist. His major research interests are reverse pharmacology and evolutionary medicine.

Atanu Chatterjee is a Complex Systems Theorist. His major interests lie in investigating nature and natural processes.

Research Associates
The Research Associate program has been closed. It will be replaced with Research Internships programs in 2014.

Research Advisors

Dr. S. Ramadurai is a research scientist. His recent research interest is astrobiology, especially, problems of biochemical origin of homochirality.

Madhav Londhe is a Physicist. His interests include physics, astronomy and x-rays.

Dr. V.C Tewari is a research scientist. His primary area of research is Geology with special interest in astrobiology.

Environment Focus Group

Dr Arun Dholakia is a biologist. His major area of academic research is biosciences. He heads the Environment Focus Group. He was also the head of the IYB 2010 Campaign and mentored IYF 2011 program..

Nehal Shah is a biologist. Her major area of research is biosciences.

IARC Centre for Science & Culture (Education & Outreach Division)

Jacob Shetty was the Project Coordinator for Rio+20 and Rio+21 programs. He is no longer associated with IARC (left IARC in Dec 2013).

Poonam Jaiswal is a Project Coordinator with Rio India Programs.

Friends of IARC

Mrs.Lakshmi Balakrishnan is a homemaker and physicist with innate interest in science especially cosmology and astronomy. She is also keenly interested in finding innovative ways to improve science communication.

Hemal Shah is a software developer and graphic designer. He is a science writer with innate interest in astronomy. He has extended his unconditional support to IARC since inception.

Amit Chavan is a graphic designer. His interests include photography and web designing.

Rajeshwari Sharma is a mathematician. Her interests include applications of vedic mathematics and history of numbers.

Vikram Virulkar is an amateur astronomer and the founder of Beyond Earth; an astronomy related edutainment initiative.

S  Subramanya is a science enthusiast with keen interest in astronomy.