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We invite you to an awe-inspiring and spectacular journey of the cosmos. Come; enthral yourself with the knowledge about the deepest secrets of our universe through our acclaimed diploma programs.

AstrobiologyAstronom & Cosmology

Our Diploma Programs have been widely-acclaimed over the years for the perspectives they offer and for their in-depth look into key aspects. The New International Diploma Programs will be available through our new online learning platform.

Launched: Registrations for Astrobiology Diploma are Now Open


Astrobiology is the field, which will lead the future of human space exploration. Join in the search for extraterrestrial life, a search that is spread across billions of light years and will take us from planet to planet and star system to star system.

You first attempt to understand the origin and tenacity of life on Earth before we set out for our inter-galactic space mission. Extremophiles are of particular interest to you. You first look for biomarkers on planets and moons in our solar system. Then, like a clever detective, you spy on habitable zones around stars and galaxies, as you look for clues for life on extrasolar planets. Then, you move your attention to Earth-like planets, even to Super-earths. By now, you know how to use the various tools to detect extrasolar planetary systems.

Your ultimate goal though is to Search for Extraterrestrial Intelligence. You do just that, as you busy yourself with understanding various types of SETI searches and dive into details like Water-Hole frequency.

You are, just like some of the greatest scientists, baffled by the Fermi Paradox. You too, sit down and crunch numbers of Drake and Rare Earth equations. We cannot be alone you think, but you know, you need to find evidence.

You are in no mood to give up until you make Contact and that makes you evaluate the Contact Protocol.

You are not alone.

Astronomy & Cosmology

Coming Soon: Astronomy & Cosmology Diploma will be launched soon.


Astronomy began when humans first raised their gaze skywards and wondered about the firmament dotted with more stars than they could count. Join in to experience the awe and wonder as we explore celestial objects and phenomenon.

You first notice patterns in the stars above you. You draw constellations and eventually invent a celestial coordinate system. You are determined to understand the observable universe. You first observe our solar system, the sun, the planets and the moons. You are impressed. You now want bigger toys to see more and so you use space based telescopes and detectors. You suddenly realize that the universe is bathed in the cosmic microwave background radiation; something big happened in the universe billions of years ago. You want to know more.

You study stellar and galactic evolution. You look at the superclusters and you look at the supervoids too. You have decided that nothing in the interstellar medium is going to be left unobserved; be it gamma ray bursts or exploding supernovae or the active galactic nucleus.

You now feel in the zone, and that takes you right to the edge of the event horizon of a supermassive black holes.

You now dare to observe the unobservable.


Cosmology gives us the power to understand the very nature of the universe. Join in as we embark on a breathtaking quest to unravel the mysteries of the universe, reality and time. You begin by accepting the dual nature of the universe. You respect Einstein and his theory of relativity all over again. You are now getting comfortable with paradoxes.

You are fascinated by time; the nature of time to be precise. You wonder, as every living human did at least once in a lifetime, can we travel back and forth in time? Your quest takes you through quantum tunnels and entanglements. You have now learned to accept uncertainty.

You want to make sense of it all. You check out model after model, the big bang, the cyclical… you wonder if you are a part of a multiverse or perhaps a part of simulated universe. You stop to think about the very nature of reality.

You are undeterred in your quest though; you attempt to figure out the attributes of our universe, of matter and energy including its darker version. You observe symmetries, you sense self- organization and then you feel the fine-tuning.

You now begin to see the bigger as well as the smaller picture of the universe; your quest has brought you to the very edge of the unknown and it is then you think about consciousness.

Your quest has just begun.